Friday, July 25, 2008

Responding To Feedback

The only thing I will say is I was born in Europe and English is new to me so it is very hard to write in English. 

As far as responding to those who posted to me.

It's strange how no one came up with a response to the fact that the RQTC is one city Block in Portland that should have no bikers. It is safer to have them go around and away from. 

When the green Line goes through you will have 1 square city block with many bus route converging, 3 that's right three major train lines. Blue, Green and Yellow and often heavy foot traffic from the convention center or the Rose Garden.

Clearly if there is any one block in Portland that should be bike free it is here. 

When the green line starts and the bike lane goes in I'm starting a death pool. To see how long we go until a biker is killed. 


Anonymous said...

So long as people do what they are supposed to and follow lights then it should be safe for everyone. If people don't feel safe they always have the option to go around. What does it really matter to you anyways?

Anonymous said...

You were "born in Europe" but are a "Portland native" according to your profile ? Maybe it's that English language problem again, but you can't be both. A Portland native is someone who was born in Portland. If you came here at a young age, you can call yourself a "lifelong" resident of Portland, but not a native. Stay honest.