Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Letter to me? wow!

Here is the best example of the Emails I Have received.

I was saddened to see such time and talent spent on attacking biking in Portland. I too have had some bad experiences with bikers, drivers, and homeless people in the parks. However, for the most part I find both bikers, drivers and most homeless folks to be on the whole good people. I find that indulging outrage and hate is no substitute for a significant contribution. Why not stand up for something you believe in rather than focusing on what you hate?

Of course you're free to hate me too if you choose,


Saddened Portlander

Man this letter made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my seat.

So I will give you some insight in to how I’m thinking when I receive my countless emails like this. Stick with me to the end it gets better as we go.

(I was saddened to see such time and talent spent on attacking biking in Portland.)

This is a simple statement that my opposition to the church of bike orthodoxy as professed by the Bikenazi’s is making her sad. Not much I can say to that, statement of fact, this person is sad

Now instead of telling what specifically I am saying to make her sad or addressing an error in what I’m saying they go on to give their experience that is really not relevant to what I’m saying but lets ride along.

(I too have had some bad experiences with bikers, drivers, and homeless people in the parks)

What can you say to something like this, I don’t think I have ever addressed homeless people in my writings but ok lets play along maybe she has a point here.

(However, for the most part I find both bikers, drivers and most homeless folks to be on the whole good people.)

After the emotional plea of I’m sad, after the common experience the best I get is they are good people?

Well here is the news train pulling into your station…..You can be Wrong and a Good Person at the same time. I know this adult concept may be scary to a person who sees all opposition as evil but a person may be good, smart, rich, poor, family person, helpful and still be wrong.

I have to say that so far there is nothing of substance here other then I make her feel sad. Let’s home the next point has more juice to it.

I find that indulging outrage and hate is no substitute for a significant contribution.

Lets look back in history…hmmm better use the US history.

US 1859-61
Orthodoxy- Slavery
Outrage- Harpers Ferry: John Brown and 21 men size federal arsenal and hold out against the US until taken and executed.
Reaction- most people were saddened but the Anti-slavery factions were emboldened by this action.

Fast-forward a hundred years latter

Orthodoxy- Vietnam war
Outrage- Protestors against the war?
Reaction- Most Americans were more upset about the protestors then the war until far late in the SE Asian Struggle

Orthodoxy- Jim Crow laws
Outrage- Marches! Strikes!
Reaction- people lashed out at the reasonable demands of those wanting the vote. They didn’t want the boat rocked because they wanted to keep things going the way they were.

Orthodoxy- War in the Iraq
Outrage- Many protest and marches
Reaction- Well I was there and there was not a lot of people other then the protestors that were happy early on.

So yes I use outrage. By outrage you mean standing up. By outrage you mean challenging the myopic Orthodoxy of the Bikenazi religions that

All bikers = good
Anything limiting bikers = bad
Anyone holding them accountable for their law breaking = hate

That is an Orthodoxy that must be destroyed.

Now that bring me to the ending… are you ready?

Why not stand up for something you believe in rather than focusing on what you hate?

Again this is a chuckle. How close-minded is this person to believe that there is no way some one could look at the facts and not be a “TRUE BELIEVER” in the Orthodoxy of BIkenazis. Obviously this person is thinking that this is fueled by some secret hate engine that stems from a bad encounter with a bike… HAHAHAh

Well I ride a bike and my opposition is based in facts and observation. I know to most Americans the idea of using logic and reason and science and observation is seen as voodoo. Look at the responses to my observations.

I sit at Rose Quarter and count bikers so I have an accurate number

People make fun of the fact that I have two hours to sit around and make observations. OHHHHH yes Observations and actually numbers are scary to this scientifically stunted. Yes better to pull numbers out of my ass like most bikers do, better to use no observation. Should we ban the use of observation?

So to make sure this is not simply an anomalous response lets look at other reactions to when I said I would be on a bridge counting how many bikers have lights and how many did not. I was again attacked for wasting my time.

Yes that’s right why use observation and facts. In fact most of those responding already had a response for the failure of bikers in that observation before I even did it.

If I wanted to draw a comparison between the close minded conservative Christians who also don’t like observation. “Spend 2 months on an island in the pacific and Darwin thinks were monkeys” sort of people. I could also point out that Conservative Christians also have a response for any observation results like the big bang, Carbon dating by saying “god made it that way”

And now for the last full line.

(Of course you're free to hate me too if you choose)

Once again this person cannot fathom anything but the Orthodoxy so there is no way any human being can logically oppose the true belief. Their world only makes sense if it’s hate, hate makes sense to them.

The fact that you can oppose some one or that they can be wrong and I won’t hate does not occur to her at all. This is like Christians ending by saying “Well god believes in your” or my favorite “I will prey for you”

An them


Saddened Portlander)

You should be sad not because of anything I write but because you can’t use reason for 5 minutes in a row to see that the Orthodoxy of the Bikenazi’s will cost more lives, bread more hate and resentment of bikers.

People of outrage will always scare the Orthodoxy of the Bikenazis. They will always scare those who fear observation and facts. It will always scare those who already have an answer before all the data is collected. They will be scared because others are not drinking their close-minded kool aid.

Well that’s done and now it’s time to hit the garden.

Oh sorry I know you will want to demonize me so …lets see

Oh yes well that’s done its time to go beat the kids.


Philistine said...

"They will be scared because others are not drinking their close-minded kool aid."

And kool-aid it is. Finally someone uses the "kool-aid" example most aptly. Keep drinking kiddoes, uncle Jim has a new bike for you in the afterlife, where there are no stop signs or cars...

Chris said...

First of all, this is not an anti-bike response. I live by bike, don’t own a car, I follow the laws… mostly (I do the "slow and roll" thing at stop signs… when it's safe, and will begrudgingly pay the fine if caught, but will not accuse the cop or the system of treading on me), but what I'm about to say is regarding the fringe bikers.

I think most people invoking Nazism are just trying to point out the idiot fringe behavior of the group that they are associating with Nazism and don't mean to purposefully conjure up the tactics used by the Nazis. Is it in bad taste? Probably. Is it effective? Probably. I know that when I hear the term Bikenazi, my mind immediately associates the a-hole bikers… not all bikers.

So I guess people should either get over it or pick a better term to describe the fringe behavior of the red-light blowing, can do no wrong, won't yield to tonnage cyclist who we all recognize, see and can't stand. Those people who ruin the biking image that most of us see ourselves as. I think we can agree that those people exist. I think we can agree that they are not the majority. But damned if we all don't see a lot of their BS.

If they're not allowed to be called Bikenazis due to political correctness, which is in itself ironic since the very people being called Bikenazis would themselves most likely be anti-PC, then what?. Bike-aholic? A Bikeaholic would probably be considered a "Bike Enthusiast" using Myra's scale. It seems to be pretty benign. To be addicted to something, like chocolate, could lead you to be a called, or even to call yourself, a chocoholic. Isn't that sweet! To convert to Myra's terminology, my wife is a "Chocolate Enthusiast"… a self-admitted chocoholic. But is anyone posting to chocoholic.com warning them of the devastation alcoholism has on individuals and their family members? Not to mention the unintended consequence of alcoholism such as little things like vehicular manslaughter?

So, what do we call the a-hole bikers? Bikeholes? Perhaps, but that's kind of funny… like calling a white person "cracker". It just doesn't really seem to have the impact we are hoping for by reducing our intellectual discourse to name-calling. What do we call the fringe of any group that will basically cut off their nose to spite their face?

If not related to Nazis, how about Christians? It seems to be ok in this day and age if we pick on them, at least until the whole second coming thing. For example, the sanctimonious vegan could be called a Veganazi, but since PC is alive and well, perhaps Vegangelical? Honestly, it seems to me that both accomplish the same thing and both roll off the tongue with ease, so take your pick. Is it less harmful to be called one or the other? It implies the whole holier than thou attitude we are rejecting but doesn't conjure up any images of death. Right? You know, because those Christians sure do love thy neighbors, although… the Crusades weren't exactly a peace-keeping mission and depending on where you look could range from a mere 4000 – 9 million people.

So, to all the fringe groups out there… Treevangelicals, Vegangelicals/Veganazis, Feminazis, Bikenazis... get a grip! The name applies to the behavior, and if you exhibit that kind of behavior, then it applies to you. Am I going to call someone that to their face? Not likely. They are names that could get you punched in the nose. Will I use it, and support the use of it, on the Internet? Fuck yeah!

Just remember fringe type people… the law does in fact apply to you, and if your thing is breaking the law in order to change the law, just be careful.

"You don't frighten us, bike pig-dog! Go and boil your bottoms, son of a silly person. I blow my nose on you, so-called Bike-king, you and your silly bike-kiniggets."

Myra said...

Wow two good comments in a row that is a record

Anonymous said...

"Myra" doesn't exist. It's a troll, likely a guy.

"Myra": If you're real, why are you hiding behind the anonymity of your computer? Why not come out and be open about who you are?

Until you decide to present yourself as someone who wants change as opposed to controversy, you are hereby known as a troll and your efforts to make Portland a bike free city will never work.

I win :)

Anonymous said...

Why don't you wear your little pedalstika next time you're counting bikes at the rose garden? I'll stop and have a chat.

And you only have a couple weeks until the behaviour there that you so despise is made legal by popular demand.

Philistine said...

Bikies are entirely humorless.

Otherwise they would see the irony of posting as Anonymous to accuse the author of posing behind a web browser. Too rich.

The other major irony, although a bit dry on the humor scale, is the idea that a "troll" would operate a web site. Trolls go to other web sites and drop bombs to get people fired up.

Trolls cannot operate their own web pages. At that very instant they become- authors. Any person responding to the "troll" web site invalidates the "troll" argument by legitimizing the content the instant they hit reply.

Man- gotta teach you folks this stuff? I thought bikies had all the answers. Still not a bright bulb in the bunch.

And also more threats- veiled threats but threats none the less. Perhaps you have an oven with Myra's name on it already picked out? I think Bikenazi is an entirely appropriate term for those who counter ideas with threats of violence.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the BlogNazi... your grasp of the English language, grammar and spelling is atrocious. I feel stupider after reading your crap.

Anonymous said...

You have the writing skills of 14 year old and convey the same amount of emotional maturity.

I'm glad you're getting the attention you obviously crave. Here's hoping you get back into your therapy and find a 12 step meeting that works for you.

As for myself and others, I strongly encourage you to just ignore this kid.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is a good thing...only if your speech agrees with my opinion. LMAO! Give 'em hell Myra!

Anonymous said...

I dated a woman named Myra once. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure it was a woman. Anyway, it sure could blog- but, riding...not so much.

Anonymous said...

I live on the other side of the country and this blog is making me sick. Step down from your high horse and move on. By the way I can't wait for the Jewish community to see your flag...don't you think using that logo is wrong?

jamie said...

psycho lady.

Infoart said...

Myra, you just don't get it. If I see an Asian looking person commit a crime, do you agree that every Asian person is a criminal and a blog should be created to about Asians and their criminal activities? If not, then you need to get a new shtick because you're a one trick pony that's not contributing anything.

doses doyle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WOBG said...

Myra, you claim to be a bike rider who still loves to ride, but you clamor for the elimination of bikes from your city. Stop hitting yourself! Change the blog's name.

Philistine said...

Good responses today. Very telling.

If you can't defend dangerous and illegal activity- just call the person pointing this activity out a racist! Brilliant! Or better yet- a whore!

It seems that people who want to defend the shameless scofflaws have very little imagination, zero sense of humor, and no grasp of what hyperbole even means. Now even misogynists are coming out for the bike Nazis!

You have cracked the lid open on this can of worms and some ugly things are crawling out! Geez- I knew the bikies were a hateful bunch.... maybe it's their protected status in this town that has emboldened them to think epithets like "whore" still carry the day.

Hey folks- bikes were invented years before sufferage, but you have to admit- the times they are a changing! (it's 2008, not 1908 now, women can speak up in public legally...)

jason said...

Myra, please "don't throw the baby out with the bath water."

There is a terrific toxic interplay between public health, the national debt, American foreign policy, and our thoughtless squandering of resources on private motor vehicles.

I agree there are extremists in the cycling community. As a Beaverton west-sider, I also see a lot of riders in downtown Portland that make me wish that social Darwinism would intercede. Quickly.

Disregarding the flakes for a moment, I've come to conclude there is a significant interaction between automobiles, the national trade deficit, and public health (both pollution and obesity). If some activists seem a bit shrill, perhaps some feel that otherwise their message won't be heard.

Count me a "three" or a "four" on your nazi scale :-)

Oregon007 said...


I read your blog everyday, not because its a quality piece of writing, but more over because it makes me laugh. I find you "Fact" logic a bit off. You said in this post that:

All bikers = good
Anything limiting bikers = bad
Anyone holding them accountable for their law breaking = hate

Do you think this is a fact? It seems that you think it is. I read the other responses and see that one gentleman brings up the point of a one for all labeling system. Just because one, or even a few people, in a distinct part of society commit crime, or run a red light, or stop sign, etc. does not mean that the whole group is that way.

Step back for a minute and think about the world. It is over populated, over polluted, and everyone is overstimulated. I understand why you blog, because you are upset. I understand that the first amendment protects your political speech. What I don't understand is some of the stances you take, why your blog has the name it has, and why you hide from the public. If you really want an open discussion on some of these issues, then you need to come out with a voice and not words on a web page.

Oh, I wouldn't paint you as a troll either. I will leave the troll label to Philistine. I bet she is as much of a cyclist as the rest of us.