Thursday, August 14, 2008

Only three days left

Only three days left until I return.

A great couple of weeks at the coast, little time with the inlaws and now back to the war.

The minions have been busy but they do not tell me what they are working on. That's a good thing because I don't support a thing they have in mind. I don't even know their names but what they have planned should be awesome.

Well awesome if you love life more then bikes.

So to protect my job and family I will continue my new battle my way as the minions go their way.

I wish them luck..

see you in the headlines.

three days and I will be back to kick off the new push.

good luck bikers.

I would say you should be scared but by the way you ride I can see that nothing scares you.

I will post again at what I would like to call moments of victory.

No way you can all have as much fun as I am but you should try


A Portland Police Detective is watching you said...

Your Idol threats are silly!

Besides if you or your clowns do anything stupid enough to get attention it will be very easy to track you down.

Okay seriously, in todays age the idea that you can talk shit, put red locks on bikes, or anything else dumb enough to attract a lot of attention and then go on the internet and brag about it is just silly. Make sure your wrists and those of YOUR crew are ready for the cold feeling of handcuffs.

Yes, I did say YOUR crew. They are yours, you called them yours several times in your blog. Your need to distance yourself is an attempt to get out of being lumped in with them. Too bad, its too late. The ship sinks with the Captain on board.

See your ugly mug shot on the cover of the Oregonian soon!

Bikeboy said...


Is there evidence that this person is anything more than an angry, grammatically-challenged little troll, living vicariously the adventurous life of a mysterious caped anti-bike crusader?

On the Internet, dishwashers are Wall Street tycoons, cops are gullible teenage girls, and those "big-boned" hefty gals you see in the Wal-Mart candy aisle are leggy supermodels... know what I mean?

Minions? This gal probably has a couple preteen kids sittin' on a sofa in her cramped, filthy single-wide living room, drinkin' Red Mountain Dew straight out of the bottle and watchin' Spongebob Squarepants!

Talkin' the talk is one thing, walkin' the walk is a whole 'nother thing!

Ride on, my cycling friends! And God Bless America!

- The Bike Nazi

Philistine said...

More threats. Threats of jack booted police thugs giving people what they deserve. Welcome to the bike nazi police state. I hope you are proud of your proper fascist mindset. Got that arm band yet?

Bike Nazi- nice blog. At least you are honest. First one up here who is.

But which is it? Is she a ringleader of a dastardly gang of law breaking bike bashers? (as aportlandpolicedetectiveiswatchingyou says?)

Or is she a white trash trailer dweller, you know a breeder, beneath contempt, and hardly able to put on her stretch pants much less operate a blog?

One thing you bike nazis have proven is you are all a bunch of unfunny, humorless, bitter, misogynist, grammar perfect, bigots. I say this based on your words. And I thought this was a progressive town. Yeah, progressively bigoted.

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. You are all still stuck in denial and anger. But don't worry. Once the police smash your oposition, all will be well.

WOBG said...

Ah, Phil--what is it that cracked you and Myra so tragically that you call for eliminating all bikes from our city (blog name: "Bike Free Portland") and celebrate photos of road users being injured and killed? Not to mention Myra's ongoing, muddled revenge fantasies. You *have* noticed that it's all a tad bit irrational, right? And you have noticed how vastly outnumbered and embattled you are, even here in your own online stronghold?

Phil, what is it that you really need to get off your chest to begin the healing? We're here for you, buddy.

Bikeboy said...

Two kinds of dialogue:

Exhibit A: A couple of hotheads, standing there toe-to-toe, jabbing each other in the chest with pointy-fingers and screaming out vile threats.

Exhibit B: A couple of people actually trying to connect and establish dialogue.

Where does BIKEFREEPORTLAND fall on the scale?

There's plenty of "A" out there in the real world and WAY more on the web! (Thank goodness the world isn't as uncivilized as this thing that Algore gave us!)

Frankly, the streets seems to lean toward uncivilized. SOME (many?) folks who are just as mild mannered and friendly-as-can-be seem to turn into a bizarre mutant offspring of Mario Andretti and the Incredible Hulk when they get behind the wheel, or get to crankin' that bicycle.

Are there rude, irresponsible cyclists out there?


Are there rude, irresponsible motorists out there?


However, a lifetime of observation makes me believe that the vast majority of roadway users, no matter their mode of transport, want to peacefully coexist with the other folks who are just trying to get where they're going.

"Can't we all just get along?"
- Rodney King, noted 20th-Century Statesman and Scholar

Anonymous said...

People, this is all a joke. All of it. Someone who calls for the extermination of an entire group of people but refers to that group as 'nazis' can't possibly be serious.

Your Blog FAILED said...

haha nice, no updates in 3 weeks? This blog already died a miserable death.

Maybe some cyclists caught "Myra" putting "redlocks" on bikes and curb stomped her lame ass. ;)


I can't wait for Philistine to chime in! said...

I totally agree. I kept checking in to see any new posts, but nothing in forever. Maybe she decided to get an education and learn how to spell and write like an American. Hell, maybe she got deported.

All I know is that I'm glad this blog has died.

WOBG said...

Let's not gloat, folks. Though this blog appears to be dead, it still demonstrates how balkanization puts us all in danger. Bike riders ARE car drivers ARE pedestrians ARE taxpayers ARE family and friends--but something keeps forcing us all into "us vs. them" thinking--and some people will just go off the deep end with it, as seen on these pages.

It's happening all over, but Portland is shaping up as a bit of an epicenter. Could it be that aspects of Portland's vibrant bike culture that project the image of "tribe" exacerbate balkanization?