Friday, August 8, 2008

WOW Police crack down in Rose Quarter Transit Center

Victory for me

WOW !!!!

I'm so excited to get home. Got my new cameras and my new Minions.

Will see how many headlines we can grab.

Oh joy of joys.

Get out your red spray paint

Portland is going from the best bike town to the front line is rolling back this bike madness. 


I can't tell you how excited I am


Oregon007 said...


Just remember that soon, in September, the RQTC will be bike friendly. Sorry that your joy of being able to complain that cyclists go through there will come to an end.

I'm glad that the PPB does these crackdowns on certain areas in the city. It keeps the law abiding cyclists like myself safe and the law breaking cyclists from getting to work on time or where ever they might be going.

I've heard rumors that the PPB will be doing more stings in Portland. Making people that drive, ride, walk, or however you might get to work safe and following the law is what the PPB is there for.

I'd like to see some targeted crackdowns/stings of bad intersections where too many cars run red lights or where people feel the need to clog the intersection with their car.

One last thing, where is your bitching on vehicles that break the law?

Anonymous said...

You are such a stupid whore-bitch. Learn how to use english grammar properly in your "dumb" blog posts. It's the least you could do.

Anonymous said...

"Portland is going from the best bike town to the front line is rolling back this bike madness. " What the f*** does it mean?

Philistine said...

ummm, have you ever heard of "red light cameras"? They put them up at "intersections where too many cars run red lights or where people feel the need to clog the intersection with their car". They really do. It works great to catch car drivers- not so good on bikes with no licences or insurance. The ticket is hundreds of dollars. I thought you might have heard about that....

Besides- a bike is a "vehicle". This is a blog about "vehicles" that break the law, you just don't like the focus. Your question is like asking why the Wall St. Journal doesn't cover gardening tips. Different blog.

Why don't you start one called "car, er uh, vehicle free Portland"? You are certainly free to do that, check your local free speech laws, but I still think that option is available.

and Nony-

Female bashing epithets aside, (I mean- real class there- do you call your female friends that?) this:

"You are such a stupid whore-bitch. Learn how to use english grammar properly in your "dumb" blog posts. It's the least you could do."

is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle a "whore-bitch".

If anything we have learned in the last few weeks is that bikenazis are also grammarnazis who have no grasp of proper English grammar themselves!

Anonymous said...

Dear Myra,
You're not funny.
I'm Sorry.

Anonymous said... time

Oregon007 said...

Your new picture disgusts me! Did you read the article that went along with that picture? The man driving was drunk and killed several people. So YES, the cyclist did have the right of way. Find a picture that shows a cyclist doing something wrong and post that. Heartless, tasteless, and cruel. I would take the photo down!

Anonymous said...

You are just retarded Myra and that picture and all these posts support it.

Philistine the Fact Nazi said...

Actually- only one cyclist was killed in that wreck. Get your facts straight if you want to be believable.

Besides- the police escort swerved out of the way at the last second and allowed the car driver through. Take note bikies! Even a police escort will not save you from random cars. It's time to ban cars altogether! Put it on the ballot if you can.

Daniel Miles said...

I see a lot of negativity from you and I suspect I even understand where the anger comes from. But beyond that, I don't get it. What's your goal? What are you trying to do?

Oregon007 said...


Here is the Report from CNN about that picture. Where did you get your information about a cop escort swerving out of the way? I'd like to see where your information comes from. I'll keep any snide comments about your source until you show it.

Oh, I also noticed you called yourself a "Fact Nazi". Way to lift yourself up to the highest level of filth. I have to say it doesn't surprise me that you stoop this low.

To set the record straight, I don't need a car free Portland. I want a Portland with safe streets, a place where drivers and cyclists can coexist.

MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) -- A car plowed into a weekend bike race along a highway near the U.S.-Mexico border, killing one and injuring 10 others, police said.

The 28-year-old driver was apparently drunk and fell asleep when he crashed into the race, said police investigator Jose Alfredo Rodriguez.

A photograph taken by a city official showed bicyclists and equipment being hurled high into the air by the collision.

Rodriguez said Juan Campos was charged with killing Alejandro Alvarez, 37, of Monterrey.

Authorities said the wreck happened 15 minutes into the 34-kilometer (21 mile) race Sunday along a highway between Playa Bagdad and Matamoros, across from Brownsville, Texas.

Campos said he is an American citizen living in Brownsville. The U.S. Consulate could not immediately confirm that.

"We are looking into the incident in terms of whether American citizens were involved," consulate spokesman Todd Huizinga said.

jason said...

Please, where are you? I need more...

Philistine the Informed said...

Oregon OO7,

Yes Mr. Bond, there was a cop escort.

See link:

My source is the UNDOCTORED photograph of the actual incident, you ass.

So my facts are straight, and you are totally uniformed. I am not surprised that you would believe a doctored photo that fits your narrative.

My "factnazi" comment is directed to all you bikenazis who insist on proper grammar, you grammar nazis.

No Soup For YOU.

So you want a safe Portland? Tell that to the bikie I saw almost get squished today splitting lanes.

Cars don't split lanes, motorcycles don't split lanes, but this ass decided that riding in the gutter on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of traffic was his "safe" way to cut several seconds off his commute.

There was no bike lane, no green box, and yet almost another sainted white bike corner for you all to pray at. You are all sick fucks for martyring bad bike riders.

Oregon007 said...


Hold on there Ms. Fact Champ, I'd double check your source darling. That is not a news agency, its a blog that covers odd sports stories.

Second, I'm pretty sure that the cop in question didn't "move over" to let the car through. From the looks of the picture and angle that the car is swerving at, he probably moved to avoid a head on crash with the drunk driver.

Lastly, before you go preaching that cars and motorcycles don't break the law, you need to take a look around. Cars speed, fail to use turn signals, run red lights, and tailgate all the time. I see motorcycles break the law all the time by riding down the white stripe or the emergency lane when there is traffic. I also tend to see at least one car a week hit the emergency lane to get by traffic.

Damn, your dumb and I'm no Nazi nor am I a bikenazi. What you lack to understand is the fact that there is a small percentage of people on bikes that don't follow the law. They make law abiding cyclists look bad and maybe you happen to see just the ones who break the law. There are far more people driving that break the law than cyclists.

Think about this for a second....
Its like following a semi truck on the freeway that has a "How's my driving" sticker with a 1-800 number on it. Do you ever call to say how great he/she is driving? Probably not, you only call when he/she is driving like an idiot. Same goes with cars and bicycles, there will always be law breakers, but I'm guessing more cars/buses/trucks/semis break the law than cyclists any day. People only want to bitch about the ones that are doing something wrong. How about you tell me about a cyclist you saw doing something good and I'll do the same for someone driving a car.

Philistine said...

Mr Bond
You are being a brick.
Clearly the photo shows the cop swerved out of the way and let the car crash into the bikies.

So I am right when I say that even a cop escort is no protection from a random car crash. My point being that no matter how "right" bikies are to claim their share of the road- that attitude is downright suicidal.

Go on man, keep on with your morbid facination with white bikes and how right you all are, just don't blow the stop sign by my house (like ALL bikies do) because when a car comes thru doing the same thing- guess who gets squished? No matter how right they are, or wrong the car is.

"There are far more people driving that break the law than cyclists." wow man, how deep. Duh shit you ass, only 1% of commuters are on bikes.

Ever see a white car shrine?
Bikies are not some master race, above and beyond the laws of mortal man, or laws of the road. When you all get licenses and pay insurance, then you can claim your moral superiority. Right now you all amount to petty thugs, bullying the population into your world view, with a moral superiority complex. Much like the Nazis were.

WOBG said...

Philistine, you're just a doofus. Bike riders *do* have licenses and insurance--and cars and jobs and houses and taxes.
What, you think we're tent-dwelling nomads or something?

Sure there are exceptions, just like with license-revoked, uninsured, unemployed, car-dwelling, tax-dodging, publicly drunken drivers--which may well be your demographic.

Philistine said...

So if bikies have cars and jobs and pay taxes and own houses, why do they ride like they have nothing to lose?


"car drivers are bad too"

Now go start your own blog.

audioinjection said...

Can any of your minions read? If so, I would suggest having one of them pull off the meth pipe for 5 minutes and proof-read your blog. That way, maybe one or two people would be able to understand your point, instead of just laughing at your ignorance and bad grammer.

WOBG said...

Sorry Phil--not going away. As long as you keep a blog dedicated to getting rid of our preferred transportation ("Bike Free Portland") you can bet we'll be here to bust your--whatevers.

Logic Phil, not conspiracy theory: Bike riders with assets sometimes ride badly for just the same reasons that car drivers with assets sometimes drive badly. Or are you saying that everyone who sometimes drives badly has no assets to lose?

Damn, Phil, just what *are* you trying to say?

scott said...

Since when is "riding in the gutter on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of traffic" lane-splitting? The right-hand side of the road is where cyclists are supposed to be when there's no bike lane.

And cars do have their version of the ghost bicycle: White crosses on the side of the road.

Philistine said...

Scott- your prejudices betray you. Riding down the right hand side where there is no bike lane, and while cars are stopped is suicidal. The guy was shaving maybe 4 seconds off his ride by splitting the lane. He should have waited in line with all the other "vehicles", but he chose to break the law and showed up in someones blind spot. If he was on the sidewalk, which is legal, he would have had the full protection of the law.

Hey, ride like this if you want, but don't tell me you follow the rules of the road. This is one of the key issues here: you can't have it both ways. Break all the rules and be a bike, or follow the rules and "share the road", at which point you should drive by the rules of the road.

Passing on the right is always a bad idea. But I guess for future white bike riders, it's a just and good idea.

Not going away? I told you to start your own blog. But like good little brown, er uh, greenshirts, you continue to shout down the opposition. My first comment here was because someone said "shut up", but we still have the 1st amendment and it drives all you nazis crazy.

Just remember- more white bikes equals the sooner you have your POLITICAL way. You all have blood on your hands for this.

scott said...

What prejudices? I asked a simple question based on your description of the rider.

Based on your answer, I have another question: How were cars parked to the right of the cyclist if he was riding in the gutter? The gutter is usually right next to the curb.

Methinks you're making stuff up so you can rant.

scott said...

I misread your answer. There were no cars parked, just stopped.

It is perfectly legal for cyclists to pass on the right:
(c) Overtaking and passing upon the right is permitted if the overtaking vehicle is a bicycle that may safely make the passage under the existing conditions.

The cyclist did follow the rules of the road. His ability to safely make the passage is a judgment call.

WOBG said...

Got that, Phil? In your example, it appears the cyclist didn't break the law. It may or may not have been a bonehead move, but apparently it was legal.

Now let's probe a bit. All of us road users observe fellow road users making bonehead moves--it happens all the time. (Example: Folks turn across the bike lane without checking what's there.) We deal with it, dismiss it, and get on with our lives.

What is it that cracked you and Myra so tragically that you call for eliminating all bikes from our city (blog name: "Bike Free Portland") and celebrate photos of road users being injured and killed? You have noticed that's a tad bit irrational, right? And you have noticed how vastly outnumbered and embattled you are, even here in your own stronghold?

Phil, what's dogging you? What is it that you really need to get off your chest to begin the healing? We're here for you, buddy.

Philistine said...

Yeah, the law says "safely". I clearly saw an unsafe condition. You make my point for me. Thanks.

Just because you all write here with your juvenile insults does not make this an "embattled" place. So far I count like 5 of you brave enough to sign your insults, bigoted statements, sexually harrassing comments, and grammar advice.

Oooh, what a majority. If you were educated you would know this is not a scientific sample.

Go ahead, get squished, just don't do it in my windshield okay? I'll leave a plastic flower on your white bike.

WOBG said...

Phil, if you really were just saying "go ahead, get squished," fair enough; I would leave you alone. But you're not; you're saying you want to eliminate all bikes from our city (blog name: "Bike Free Portland"), and you're reveling in images of injury and death.

Phil, you and Myra are clearly troubled. You may end up doing something that would severely impact your quality of life. You likely need better-trained help than we can offer--but if nothing else, it might be beneficial to drop the defenses and talk about the root of what's bugging you. I'm sure at least some of us are willing to try if you are.

Philistine said...

Physician, heal thyself.

El Biciclero said...

OK. I'll skip the insults because that is pointless and juvenile. I'll also skip the "you all are..." comments because that is stereotyping and smacks of bigotry.

I do have a couple of questions about bike behavior that was witnessed by an earlier commenter. The comment was to the effect that a cyclist "split the lane" by riding in the gutter to pass stopped cars to the right of those cars. The commenter also stated that he saw the cyclist "almost get squished" in so doing. Later, the same commenter described the cyclist's behavior as illegal.

First a comment, then a question or two. Passing stopped vehicles on the right is not "lane-splitting" and is not illegal. The only question involved is the safety issue: can a cyclist "safely" pass on the right?

My first curiosity pertains to exactly *how* the cyclist in this instance almost got "squished"? Was it at an intersection where a car was turning right? If so, did the driver signal a right turn? Was it because a driver decided to suddenly park by swerving over to the curb?

What makes passing stopped cars "suicidal"? Is it that the drivers of cars might behave unpredictably and suddenly veer to the right? How is passing on the right "never a good idea"? What about when the car in front of you is making a left turn? What about when there is more than one lane?

Going beyond this one incident, the problem here is that people--Americans in particular--do not want to take any responsibility for their actions. I don't care if you drive or ride, the prevailing attitude is that everybody else should watch out for me, but I don't have to take any care about what I am doing. Me first, everyone else can go blow. As it applies to the road, there are many who just don't care to be educated about the laws and responsibilities of operating any vehicle. We want to blame the other guy for our own insecurity, ignorance, lack of common sense, low IQ, lactose intolerance, obesity, drug addiction, anger management problems, inability to follow rules--you name it: "it's not my fault!!"

Humility and cooperation are the keys to successful road use. Being predictable is key to avoiding conflict. Let others know what you're up to before you do things: signal. Others should be able to assume (though that is not usually a good idea) that you will stop at lights and stop signs. There should be understanding of some of the things other road users do: trucks and buses make wide turns, cyclists sometimes ride in the middle of the lane or move over to the left lane to turn, buses pull over to stop and then merge back into traffic. These are all legal maneuvers that a "regular" auto driver might not necessarily ever make, but needs to understand and have patience for. (Oops! I ended that sentence with a preposition.)

Arguing over semantics and sources and whether or not a photo was doctored and petty gray areas of traffic laws and grammar and insults and spelling just to convince other commenters/posters that "I'm right!" is just as silly as a cyclist plowing into a vehicle because he had the right-of-way. The only way to reach any higher ground is for all sides to admit that they are not above the law. The only way to create safer streets is for all users to increase their levels of education, awareness, understanding and cooperation. The only way to change things is to change yourself and your own behavior. The first step in making that change is to realize that you aren't perfect and have room to improve. Then you have to assess what needs to change by increasing your education, awareness, understanding...

Anonymous said...

Phil, I don't need healing right now; I don't want to eliminate all cars from Portland, and I don't revel in images of drivers being hurt and killed. (I'm a driver as well as a biker.)

This is about you; when you're ready, I'll listen with compassion--and I hope others will join me.

WOBG said...

Phil: That previous comment was from me, not anonymous. I slipped up, as all of us do now and then--on the road and elsewhere.

It's clear someone or something hurt you deeply, so take your time. When you're ready to begin healing, we'll be here.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha....Hey Phil, want to use to defend your argument again.

Have you tried wikipedia? You must work for an university or other academic institution.

Philistine Ain't Crazy said...

It's about me? This isn't my blog. I don't threaten violence, call people names, tell others to suck my dick, bitch about grammar like a 6th grader, or tell people who disagree with me they are crazy. (btw: the Nazis used propaganda that portrayed unwanted groups as crazy)

If you think that riding your bikes with complete disregard to stop signs and red lights, and also complete disregard for cars and trucks who might turn right (and don't see you sliding up the non-lane in the gutter), you are free to think that. Doesn't make me the crazy one, doesn't make you crazy either- just suicidal.

Wikipedia is a farce- full of opinions. Are you saying the AP photographer who took that snap is a fabricator? What, trying to make Mexican cops look bad? snapcraklebikies or whatever just posted the actual picture. Sorry you don't like the truth. Hey, Nazis didn't like the truth either.

I am glad you all are reading this blog, and so defensive. Shows that Myra is right.

WOBG said...

Oh Phil... I thought we were making progress. I'm so sorry for your pain.

Of course people should respect traffic controls and be aware of right-turners (and left-turners and go-straighters too)--whether they are on bikes or in cars. And sadly, many do not.

But Phil, you are irrationally assuming that riders reading and commenting here--folks who not only ride but also drive and walk--never do those things.

You and Myra call for eliminating all bikes from our city (blog name: Bike Free Portland) and revel in images of injury and death. Those are none-too-rational behaviors, Phil--and predictably, they draw hatred to you.

Hatred is a kind of attention, and we all need attention. But you can do better, Phil. You are hurting and you need healing. Help is there for you if you will open yourself to it.

I'm sure many of us are remembering you in our thoughts--and for those who are so inclined, their prayers. Be well, Phil.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad THAT's over.

Ride, drive, walk and skip safely and courteously, everybody.

WOBG said...

Sad to say, it's probably just a respite until next season. The election will keep the bloodthirsty wingnuts occupied until the weather turns bad, and they won't take much notice of cyclists again until May or June.