Thursday, August 7, 2008


Wow I'm growing 

I now have two minions. 

I'm no fool and I realize that if I do naughty things I could get in trouble so I now have two bad boys who will do naughty things all on their own. 

I will use the the great excuse of saying that I do not condone what they are doing however I understand it. hahahaha

The old radical apologist excuse for me please.

Because I have a life to protect job, income, family I will have to be careful.

These two minions are build like battlecruisers and have no life. They do seem to have a strong will to do wrong to bikers. I can't support them on their crazy ideas like blocking up the Hawthrone Bridge with slow moving walking people who will not yield to bikes. Or putting dead biker stickers on the seat of every bike they see I do understand their frustration.

Well I hope you are having fun in Portland... Astoria is great!

Be seeing you


Plamb said...

I suggest getting a third minion - one who can spell and knows grammar and punctuation so that your posts are understandable to the English-speaking populace.

Anonymous said...

This troll act is so played out already.


AAAAAAAAAAAAND, you have two super burly minions (ha ha) whom you control. They're like your robots, right?

Seriously, are you 12?

Myra said...

I may retire here but I don't live here yet.

Hey look the goonies house!!!!

knot crazy said...

I agree, Myra is starting to sound more childish as her "campaign" goes on. If you are a grownup and you want to change something (like cyclist behavior) you either work towards it yourself or you support those who do.

Anonymous said...


Chris said...


I understand your crusade to rid the streets of the asshole bikers, but what are your true thoughts on the law abiding bikers? Why employ threats of tactics used against the norms? It would be nice if you could limit the nastiness to the fringe bikers. "Bikenazi bad... all other bikers good." Or maybe hone your attack to your bottom three, or whatever, but please make a distinction. Surely you must believe one exists. You admit you ride. Are you the only one exempt from your own belief system? If so, then your Bikenazi orthodoxy sounds surprisingly similar to your own...

Bikenazi orthodoxy:
All bikers = good
Anything limiting bikers = bad
Anyone holding them accountable for their law breaking = hate

Myra orthodoxy:
All bike haters = good
Anything limiting Myra = bad
Anyone holding Myra accountable for her misguided rantings = hate

But, if you do see yourself in one of your categories, which would it be? I don't see myself in any of them. Your "functional biker" gives the problem-bikers a pass. Maybe there are some who do, but I think for the most part, any law abiding biker with an ounce of reason rejects the asshole bikers. I think you should edit "They admit that bikers are a problem but give that issue a pass" to "They admit that there are problem bikers."

And then, once you edit that one little line, maybe you can even fit snugly into one of your own categories, and refocus your energy and efforts to actually accomplish something meaningful.

Not many people are holding the fringe bikers accountable. If you want to lead that effort, go for it! But being against all bikers, one of whom is yourself, seems slightly counterproductive.

"I biked to work every day this week but one so far. I have not run any stop signs or stop lights I have a helmet on and plenty of lights on my bike. I love it even if the ride home is a pain."

Focus on the love of riding. You do actually have people who support you, but you make it hard. I don't want to support someone who seems to support reason to rid the streets of bad behavior, but then abandons it by supporting a blanket statement approach to behavior modification.

Philistine said...


If the troll act is played out- why do you come back?

Besides- Myra can't be a troll on her own blog. That's like calling your neighbor a homeless person just because they poop and pee in the front yard. It's her house, you are a visitor, you are the troll.

Anonymous said...

You should get a life or have your two minions double team you. Sounds like you need to get laid more often like bikers do.

Anonymous said...

I've certainly enjoyed reading your blog for the last half hour.

I ride a bike in Chicago. When I come to a stop sign or red light and there are no cars in motion that could potentially collide with me, I roll right through. If on my bike I crash into a car the car gets dented, my bike may be damaged and I may be hurt, but more than likely neither I nor the driver will be seriously harmed. If a car hits a bike or another car or a pedestrian, death and injury for more than just original motorist are much more likely to result. Thus the laws of physics inform the legal restrictions placed on cars. Including the licensing and registration of cars which tie the owner back to the vehicle itself, which in turn allows said owner to be ticketed and fined. A car is a potential deadly weapon. A bike is not. Hence when bikers break the law consciously by riding through a stop sign, it's no big deal, careless/aggressive bikers aside. So I'm going to continue to do so. Deal with it.

Every once in a while I make a mistake and have to break hard. The driver slams on the breaks and slams his/her hand on the horn. It sucks for all involved. Deal with that too.

Or tail me and punish me by putting a red lock on my bike, I guess. Swear at me. Write a blog about me, perhaps.

Note also that bikers must deal with the extremely frequent idiocy of motorists on practically every ride, to their infinitely greater hazard. Bikers must avoid drivers who don't check both ways, who swerve mindlessly into the bike lane while on their cell phones, who aren't alert enough to notice a bike despite the any amount of lights and reflectors and blinkers and hand signals, etc., and don't forget doors opening into the bike lane suddenly.

Next time someone driving a car swerves in front of me I think I'll use the excellent moral example I've inculcated on this website and use my bike lock to bash the shit out of it.

Anonymous said...


Based on the definitions given in the July blog (forget which one), I would venture that Myra falls into the fourth category of bikenazi (or whatever it was). She obviously doesn't go to bike rallies or whatever. But the essential thing about her definition is that she "doesn't just turn arguments around, but rejects arguments outright." Because anyone who dares argue against Myra can't "use logic for 5 minutes in a row," and has no ability to use "observation." I mean, spiritually speaking, aren't the anti-bikenazi and the bikenazis pretty much one and the same in terms of their inability to see past their own prejdgements?

Myra, you didn't know it, but you're a latent bikenazi yourself!

Keep biking- practice changes theory, as they say. (Even when theories are based on "observation.")

Philistine said...

Anon in Chi Town-
Well then you are well aware that when you lose for the last time and the truck or bus squishes you that:

a) you will be a valued martyr and a white bike will forever adorn the place where you lost the battle with 7 tons of steel.

b) many will follow in your path, emboldened by the thought that just a few more like you and they can change the world to value bikes over cars all the sooner.

God speed to you my friend.

audioinjection said...

Philistine, I was wondering what your point is esactly? Would you prefer that no-one rides a bike? Will you be content if all bikers world-wide decide to perfectly obey all laws all the time (impossible for bikes or cars)? Or are you just here to complain and get nothing done, which is what most blog bitch-fests accomplish?

If you want to ban all bikes, then you are probably involved heavily in efforts to ween society off of fossil fuels, correct? It would be a shame if you put all of your efforts into negativity and pissing off people, only to find that when all bikes are banned, no one can afford gas anymore. And due to our foriegn oil dependence we have no viable options to travel, and the US economy collapses.

Something tells me you'd hop on a bike to get to work and feed your family. That's why I ride. It's not a choice, it's how I pay my bills. So eat a sweaty biker dick.

Philistine said...


you start off reasonable. almost worth a good reply, then you tell me to suck your dick. Classy.

You also show what a humorless, and somewhat unimaginative person you are with your statements. Nobody wants to ban bikes, or suck your dick either you bitter freak.

Are you that dense? On what basis could bikes be banned? Do you really think that would ever happen?

On the other hand, cars are fast coming under massive police state controls, nazi controls, with you as the poster child. Red light cams, RFID tracking, GPS tracking, insurance based on health records, constricted roads, green boxes, increased gas taxes, commute taxes, car bans... all these things sponsored by the cops for the purpose of control. When the state tells you where to live or work, welcome to Nazi Amerika. Guess what- your're next.

People just want to go to work without squishing a bikie. You are free to get yourself squished, just please not by me.

audioinjection said...

Wow Phil! You're a clever, seasoned, one-sided blogging bigot! I like how you dodged ANY of my direct questions ("Philistine, I was wondering what your point is esactly? Would you prefer that no-one rides a bike? Will you be content if all bikers world-wide decide to perfectly obey all laws all the time (impossible for bikes or cars)? Or are you just here to complain and get nothing done, which is what most blog bitch-fests accomplish?) and then you counter by taking any examples, questions or statements I've made ("Would you prefer that no-one rides a bike? Will you be content if all bikers world-wide decide to perfectly obey all laws all the time [impossible for bikes or cars]?") and decide to take them way too literally so that you;ll create the illusion that you have a point to make ("Are you that dense? On what basis could bikes be banned? Do you really think that would ever happen?). NO, I don't think that could happen, and I never said anything to indicate that. Obviously you don't posses the mental aptitude to have a real debate in any intelligent fashion, so you've honed your skills as a ignorant blog bully. As I've shown (with the downside of being forced to over-quote)here, you just type a bunch of crap and ignore the person you're debating with in order to change the subject. Good luck in real life if you ever have to converse intelligently. It'll be tough if you can't hide behind a blog. I bet you could kill me in Warcraft, though.

Continue to enjoy sweaty biker meat!! (Note: doesn't matter if I finish class-less and crude.... you just got smoked!!)